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Wed, 19 Jul 1995 12:58:03 -0400

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In a message dated 95-07-18 02:35:06 EDT, Barry wrote

>I agree, Tim. It's so striking how separated from "self" business actions
>are. I think "business" people (like me, for instance) are expected to
>plan, do, check and act based upon data, upon reflection on that data.
and also,
>In business it has been so easy to dismiss the other side of our
>psyche or persona seemingly unrelated to making a profit while doing good
>in the community.

I would recommend the book "The Care of the Soul" by Thomas Moore to everyone
interested in this thread. The distinctions Moore draws on the differences
between mind and soul are very rich and would be helpful to those in business
who are dealing with the issues so well written about in this thread.

Byrd M. Ball
Atlanta, GA