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Mon, 17 Jul 1995 14:39:05 -0400

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In a message dated 95-07-17 07:56:32 EDT, John O'Neill writes:

>The trick is not having to *know* everything yourself, but knowing who can
>supply you with the information / resources required to solve a problem.

Yes! ... reminds me of a story about Herbert Simon (AI and OB expert,
winner of Nobel Prize in Econ).

A friend of Herb's was always amazed with how much Herb knew, and that he
seemed knowledgable in just about every topic that came up. One day he
asked Simon, "How do you know so much about everything?" Simon responded,
"Oh, that's easy, I keep my knowledge in my network of friends!"

[Quotes from memory - may not be exact - the story is true]

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