Re: Leadership Can Be Taught? LO2130
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 22:10:25 CST

Replying to LO2127 --

Talking about having fun doing something is a great idea! It reminds me
of the book called RHAPSODY, which is all about the art work of Jennifer
Bartlett. She talks at length in RHAPSODY about the process, but the
photos of her art work make the viewer feel as if (s)he is walking around
inside the artist's brain. There is one theme, and apparently her object
is to see how many different ways she can do/say the same thing. She does
the same thing in the book IN THE GARDEN, which might be more interesting
to people because the subject matter is more obvious.

If I don't use the right words, please forgive me; I'm not a management
person by training but through evolution. My degree is in art, and likely
some of you are familiar with Betty Edwards' book DRAWING ON THE ARTIST
WITHIN, which is wonderful for teaching all kinds of people who don't see
themselves as artists that everyone can learn the skills artists use
routinely for the process of problem-solving. And I agree with Mr.
Moreno: everyone has the capacity to learn the different levels of
leadership. It just comes more easily to some people than others. Do you
suppose that birth order might have anything to do with who becomes a