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Sun, 16 Jul 1995 19:12:30 -0700 (PDT)

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From: "Barry Mallis" <>
Subject: Re: Leadership Can be Taught? LO1787


>You ask if "true leaders compromise their beliefs, values, etc.?".

>Perhaps a true leader is that person who has such a basic, positive,
>innate sense of Truth and Humanity that she or he leads the maelstrom of
>personalities, with their unique manifestations, in a roughly singular
>direction to the benefit of many. Within this maelstrom is subsumed the
>leader's own belief system.

My question is, "How does a leader know when a decision is to
the benefit of many?"

In Lincoln's case, he had something big to change. Slavery. I've
read that a reason for Clinton's "lack of focus" is an absence
of something to focus ON. Before him, there was "the
communists," and "the cold war."

I'm asking this question because I'm thinking about a certain
third world country where the powerbase is mostly composed of
rich elites, government workers who got their positions by
godfather, business or family connections. Meanwhile, their
economy is booming and they need a strong leader.

Boomtimes are often periods of rapid change. I'm wondering how a
leader can make beneficial decisions while maintaining a certain
level of stability, which is, avoiding getting assassinated,
staying alive long enough to implement changes.

Andrew Moreno