Re: Emergent Learning LO2121

Bernard Girard (
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 09:44:09 +0000

Replying to LO2112 --

The fleece inspector story, again=8A

The question is (or should be) : how did he get his tacit (or tactile, as
Jack Hirschfeld says) knowledge?

Not with a video disc, not with technology, just with a mentor. In the
beginning, he most probably looked at his mentor working, then, he started
to do the job. At that first stage, he most probably made mistakes, his
mentor told him so, and he learned from these mistakes=8A And so it went,
day after day, until he became inspector.

This is a way of learning that cannot be dismissed in modern
organizations. I am sure we could find a lot of instances of this kind of
learning. It would be interesting to make a list of these.

Bernard Girard