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John Farago (
Sat, 15 Jul 95 00:16 BST-1

Born Vienna, Austria, 1929, lived in England since 1939
(refugee from Hitler) except for 1981-1988 in Melbourne, Australia.
After retiring from a business career in 1989, I took a
Masters degree in Life Course Development (a multi-disciplinary
perspective on the social and psychological development of mature
adults) at London University (researching inter alia ways of
encouraging more older people to learn) .

As a Fellow of the RSA (the Royal Society for the Encouragement of
Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) founded 1754, based in London, still
going strong in the fields of education, design, environment and the
'useful arts', I have participated for over two years in the Tomorrow's
Company Inquiry Network looking at 'the role of business in a changing
world. [That Inquiry was originally triggered by Charles Handy, a
former Chairman of the RSA Council.]

Recently I helped to form [and act as convenor of] a work group of 20/
30 people : 'Learning individuals in learning organisations' for
those interested and active in the field of organisational learning
and development. Our initial aim was to meet regularly in London to
encourage and 'nourish' each other, but our ambitions have grown -
we want to make a difference - and to participate significantly in
a process which will help to bring about a world in which individuals
and groups are continuously learning and working to help create a
better world. As a first step, I am collecting and attempting to
map the different theoretical and practical approaches to moving
towards becoming a LO. [I would be pleased to hear from any
participant of learning_org. Although many initatives originate in
USA, I am particularly keen to hear of European practice.]

Several of our work group members 'lurk' in' learning-org' , which
has been a great inspiration, but so far only Lilly Evans has 'dived
into the pool'.

Greetings from Wimbledon   John