Re: Deschooling Society LO2103
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 09:09:36 CDT

Replying to LO2056 --


I oftent read things and afterwards said 'I wish I had said that'. Such
is the case with the recent message you sent re schooling. I think
teachers, in the main, get a bumb rap in these scenarios quite often. I
believe the major problem with school restructuring lies in the realm of
administration and community acceptance. Administrators are too busy
trying to maintain control, status quo and ownership when they should be
working with communities, the real owners or should be, of community
schools, and trying to help these communities to know and understand what
education is all about. It is not about schooling ala the banking method
Freire speaks of. It is about the process of becoming, intellectually,
socially, morally, whatever else is included in this. Education must be
seen as a constant transformative process, transcending a priori defined
curriculum, time, place and circumstance. It will only work effectively
if it is tied to or is synonymous with living - learning is living, living
is learning. When one stops, we're dead. Period.


John P Wilson