Training Execs for Int'l LO2091

Ann Woosley (
13 Jul 95 15:01:37 EDT

I am interested in how to train managers/executives to be international
managers/executives. Does anyone have any experience doing this?

Considerations-I work for an international organization with employees in
North and South America, Europe & Asia.

What have we tried? Currently operating under U.S. Paradigm.

That roadblocks? Operating under U.S. Paradigm, hinders our ability to do
business outside of U.S.

How is this related to the Learning Org? U.S. executives need to *learn*
how to manage other employees who have different cultural/language
perspectives. U.S. executives need to *learn* how to approach a topic,
idea, problem, from more than just a U.S. poiint of view/perspective.

I am interest in how other corporations-people-managers-ceo's do this.

Ann Woosley <>