Internet Relay Chat LO2089

Alp Baysal (
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 18:52:11 SAST-2

A few days ago I have sent the following message to our host Rick
Karash. He found the idea interesting but understandably, he does not
have any spare time for it. If there is enough interest from list members I
don't mind to organise LO IRC (Internet Relay Chat) meetings that I
am proposing.

Host's Note: Internet Relay Chat is like a conference phone call. Several
people are connected together and each person's typing is relayed to all
the others right then, in the moment. I support the idea and welcome
Alp's willingness to try to get something set-up. I'll be happy to have
any conclusions or summaries reported on learning-org.

IRC is available and supported on most computing platforms.

-- Rick Karash,, host for learning-org

If you are interested in participating to these meetings please
send me a mail with subject line IRC MEETING, and include the
day and the time (Greenwich Mean Time) that is suitable to you, and
the topic (one of the active threads of LO list) that you would like to
discuss. With this info I will try to arrange something acceptable to
the majority of the interested parties (day, time and topic) and I
will announce in the list. If you want to discuss the proposal, then
please send your mail to LO list.

--------message follows------------

Hi Rick,

I am thinking whether it will be useful to have monthly meetings at
an IRC site, and have a real time interactive discussion on one of
the current topics of Learning Organisations List.

I am aware that IRC is not a common denominator (all LO
subscribers may not be able to access to IRC), setting a suitable
time for all may be problematic, and there may be other problems that
I cannot foresee now. I am not sure whether, what I am proposing will
work or not, but I feel that, communicating (or trying to
communicate) with each other in an interactive virtual environment can
be a good learning experience. If we can make it work, then we
can interact with each other at an additional dimension that IMHO
will add to the richness of our communications....

Alp Baysal
School of Engineering Management
University of Cape Town
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tel : 27-21-650 26 00
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