Tacit Knowledge Measurement LO2052

Wed, 12 Jul 1995 19:08:37 +0800


I have been following the discussion on this topic and have found the
ideas very exciting. I am doing my Masters thesis on the conversion of
tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge and back again.

Literature on tacit knowledge (Wagner and Sternberg, 1985, 1987; and
Sternberg, 1991) imply that tacit knowledge can be passed on. This
involves transplanting an expert's tacit knowledge into the novice's. Tacit
knowledge would be gained through the interaction of explicit knowledge
(codified), experience (learning by doing and/or using) and
current level of tacit knowledge.

I am trying to use the "Critical Incidents Technique" to assess the level of
tacit knowledge and then to establish deficiencies. This becomes the
basis for a training and development plan for the novice.

I am having difficulty with the critical incidents technique (CIT). Does
anyone have citations on the reviews on CIT, applications, etc that would
help me devise a better tacit knowledge inventory?



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