Re: Presuppositions? Assumptions? LO2018

Carol Anne Ogdin (
9 Jul 95 21:11:49 EDT

Replying to LO1949 --

Michael McMaster recently opened a response with...

> OK, I vowed not to respond to so much stuff but I gave in. The
> dialogue is just too rich for me. Please complain to me or to Rick
> if its too much and I'll just work out my own stuff from your
> wonderful stimulation.

Don't you *dare* stop now, Michael <broad grin here!> I, for one,
look forward to your posts; as I've said before, they stimulate me
away from blindly following well-worn paths in my mind.

Besides, if you responded to fewer items, you wouldn't be supplying
*your* half of the posts to this dialogue :-)

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