Re: Dialogue processes LO2001

Mulligan, Margie (MMulligan@OS.Varian.COM)
Sat, 08 Jul 95 17:39:00 PDT

Replying to LO1741 --

Responding to Barry Mallis' comments (below):

Thanks for the suggestions. I can locate the Team Handbook through books
in print, but what about Viability Group? Where are they located? How
could I contact them?

The assumption behind your suggestions appears to be that the facilitator
should actively intervene in the dialog process? Am I reading you right?
If so, why do you think that? What are your underlying thought processes
which lead to that conclusion?

Responding to Barry Mallis' suggestions:

Reply to: RE>>Dialogue processes LO1716 my request for help with
facilitation in dialogue sessions.

<Peter Scholtes et al.'s The Team Handbook (Joiner, 1988) lists ten common
<group problems and what to do about them.

<The Viability Group, Inc., in 1990, released Team Leaders and
<Facilitator's Bootcamp information which contains prescriptions for
<passive and active disruptions of various kinds. I commend these to you
<as additional resources.

Margie Mulligan
Manager, Continuous Improvement
Varian, Oncology Systems