Re: Emergent Learning LO1984

Carol Anne Ogdin (
7 Jul 95 3:27:49 EDT

Replying to LO1944 --

Michael, Michael, Michael <much shaking of head from side-to-
side, while gazing slightly downward, holding wry grin>

In LO1944, you told an elegant story about "the master" looking for
failed copies in the wastbasket, then you said in conclusion:

> One thing I will stand on. This type of knowledge cannot be stored
> in a database. But it can be stored and made accesible.

But you just *did* share it in a on my desk.

I'll agree that you won't get a database (or DBMS) to *synthesize*
that wisdom, but I assert that not only *can* you store this kind
of knowledge (once articulated by a human being) in a database...
you already have.

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