Presuppositions? Assumptions? LO1975

Doug Seeley (
06 Jul 95 20:42:38 EDT

Responding to Tobin Quereau in LO1891...

Thanks, for the "beginner's mind" story on Bishop Syaku.... I agree with
your interpretation. It is difficult to speak about this process of
spontaneously seeing, as if for the 1st time, because talking or even
"thinking" about it by their very natures takes Us out the beingness which
is required for it.

and quoting You, quoting myself...
> I wonder whether this fact (at least in my experience) is a result of a
> process that when we genuinely attribute to others this "freer player"
> quality, that it is also acknowledging in a powerful way within ourselves,
> enabling more creative emergence to occur between Us?? Or am I off the
> track with this??

and then You...

>I think I am with you on this last part. Please say more
>about it in terms of the "it" which is "disrespectful" and the "freer
>player" which is in the other and also in us. Fill me in a bit more about
>how you see this occuring.

In part my response to your request is contained in my two postings in the
Emergent Learning thread. But concerning this "respect" issue
specifically... I have noticed two things, a) that when someone and my
own personal experience, in their treatment of another, denies their right
to an equal opportunity in the scheme of things, a kind of denial of their
existence occurs which arcs back to the denying individual in the form of
some on-going suffering whilst the denial remains. At a level which is
not as strong as this, denying another the right in our attitudes and
behaviour because we disagree with them, the freedom to choose to behave
in life in their own manner [i.e. the disrespect] inevitably limits our
own freedom.

And b), when We genuinely accept others having differences of viewpoint
and opinion as opposed to just giving it lip service, We seem to free up
something inside ourselves, and We become more creative, and more
emergence from our interrelationships with others seems to occur.

One possible interpretation of all of this, is that everyone is always
trying to love others and the world, in the best way which they know how.
By accepting this about them, without limiting ourselves [i.e. getting
involved in co-dependencies and boundary vagueness], We are actually
allowing our own love to become more conscious. The neat thing about
following this interpretation is......

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