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Tue, 4 Jul 1995 13:06:49 CST6CDT

Expanded Call for Papers

Work Teams
1996 University of North Texas Symposium on Work Teams

The fourth Annual UNT Symposium on Work Teams will focus on the broad
topic of work teams and other collaborative work designs. Papers are
invited for review on such team topics as: implementation and
development, empowerment and maturity, leadership, culture
transformation for team implementation, compensation and reward
systems, typologies of teams, peer review, virtual teams, measuring
performance, decision making and problem solving, the relationship
with quality, facilitation, changing roles, education, and interteam

The papers/presentations should be conceptual in nature, such as
theory work. Empirical information may be used to illustrate the
theoretical concepts and relationships, but not as the central focus
of the work. Papers must be postmarked by February 1, 1996. Reviews
will be completed by April and feedback sent to authors. Selected
papers will be presented May 29-31, 1996 at the Symposium in Dallas,
Texas. Ten papers will be selected for presentation in plenary
sessions. Symposium papers will be screened for inclusion in volume
4 of the JAI Press series: Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of
Work Teams. Other papers will be invited as poster presentations
(emperical papers may be submitted specifically for posters).

Use the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, fourth
edition for submission format. Papers should range between 25 and 50
double spaced pages.

Send four copies of submission to:

Melanie Bullock - Symposium
Center for Study of Work Teams
University of North Texas
Terrill Hall Room 343
Denton, TX 76203

Submission questions can be directed to

For questions concerning paper focus please contact:

Dr. Michael Beyerlein - Symposium
Center for Study of Work Teams
University of North Texas
P.O. Box 13587
Denton, TX 76203

or:; 817-565-2653
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