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Carol Anne Ogdin (
6 Jul 95 8:53:13 EDT

Replying to LO1945 --

Michael McMaster, replying to LO1927 in LO1945, wrote (in part)--

> I think the breakthrough in this "knowledge database" stuff will
> occur from a combination of operational definitions that distinguish
> clearly between data, information and knowledge and that get away
> from the idea of "database" (you can begin to see what I'm pointing
> at in the distinctions - we don't call them "knowledgebase") and into
> the area of relationship, process and context.

Just a quibble...but, yes, the industry *does* call them "knowledge-
bases." We've even heard nascent rumblings of people referring to
<shudder> "wisdombases."

What these (generally technologist) speakers don't realize is that in
"container-izing" knowledge and wisdom, they are establishing limits
and boundaries...which, as you climb up that tree from data and in-
formation, becomes progressively amorphous and boundless. I fear,
however, that this language reflects the actual thinking going on
inside those technologically-sophisticated minds! By shaping the
language of the discourse, they subtly set the boundaries considered
by their correspondents. It's sorta like setting up the expecta-
tion that you *must* "think inside the box."

> The object oriented stuff is giving us some access and, I think even
> more important, is the groupware stuff.

"Object oriented" is just a programming trick. Don't put too much
stock in it. Groupware is the *first* technology that has been
provided by the computer industry to facilitate and foster the
organization's, I agree, it is a valuable tool.

> I think we need to take approaches of synthesis rather than analysis
> if we are to make headway. By synthesis, I mean that we have a
> theory to begin with and then we "play the theory" out rather than
> prove or validate it by analysis.

Sorta like Marjorie Mulligan's metaphor, in the message preceding
yours: "... the 'crack' test pilot who just keeps on trying
something new...even as he/she is heading down...perhaps to a
crash...and has the attitude 'maybe this one will help' about
each new approach tried."?

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