Net Resources on Leadership LO1942

david swenson (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 11:49:42 CST

Hi all,

Its been some time since I asked about net resources on leadership. More
people indicated interest than there were those who knew of such
resources, but I gathered a few. Most of these resources (with the
exception of IRVL- l) cover leadership as an occasional topic. I received
mixed reviews on all the servers noting that the discussions of leadership
sometimes got abstruse--so what's new! In any case, here's the list for
anyone interested in leadership. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

IRVL-l (Institute for research on visionary leadership) (for subscribing and unsub) (for postings)

ODCNET-L (organization development and change)

LEARNING-ORG (learning organization, systems theory, Peter Senge's 5th
discipline applications)

TRDEV-l (training and development)

Two others I've not tried but are described as related include:

Systems theory (don't know if this is the list acronym or host name)

Thinknet or to reach Kent Palmer, host.

Host's Note: I filled in the address for Kent Palmer, Thinknet.

Also, about system dynamics:


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deal with majordomo and Listserv. Please do not post questions about basic
internet mailing list operation here on learning-org.

Best regards,

David X. Swenson Ph.D. (
Associate Professor of Management
College of St. Scholastica
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