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Doug, In your message dated 95-07-03 22:05:10 EDT, you write:

>Although, it does appear to be difficult to argue from such a
>perspective in a "scientific" manner, I firmly believe that it should be
>attempted. It seems to me that the result would be that the assumed
>value system would change from the primacy and authority of a dog-eat-dog,
>objectivist position, to one in which the primacy of individual,
>conscious agents and their relationships would be paramount. Would such an
>approach redress many of the negatives which our current civilization seems
>be sustaining, or even worsening??
>Does anyone have any ideas on whether such a shift in perspective can
>be made scientific, and how We might go about it??

I don't know if this point of view can be made "scientific" or not, or
even if it should be. I for one have entertained such thoughts for some
time, and support your pursuit.

How would you further describe the characteristics of a firm operating out
of such a value system. What would be different between the goal and
value statements of such a firm and those of one operating within, as you
put it, "the primacy and authority of a dog-eat-dog, objectivist
position." What differences would you expect in hiring and retention
policy, in how people and tasks were aligned, in the willingness of people
to in turn make the good of the organization paramount?

I hope this thread is long, strong, and well connected.

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