Re: Handling Power & Politics LO1913

Barry Mallis (
3 Jul 1995 08:27:15 -0400

Reply to: RE>>Handling Power & Politics LO1870

To Laurel Adams regarding who it is that decides what org. objectives are
just and unjust.

I am reminded, Laurel, of a series of exchanges about a month ago on this
list which were promoted especially on one side by someone who appeared to
be the chief of an organization in California. The questions and opinions
expressed in the postings often had something to do with the idea of
"who's in charge" of ideas and their application in a company; and what
happens if someone might not agree with the direction explicitly stated by
the manager or owner.

When we get your question of who sets the values, isn't the answer in an
organization "that person or those people who are the leaders"? Certainly
such persons are affected in many overt and subtle ways by those they
presume to lead, but the "make or break" decisions about vision, goals,
etc. come from the owners/managers/ceo's/presidents what-have-you's.
That's pretty clear, isn't it? Am I missing something in your question?

Barry Mallis