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> Date: 29 Jun 1995 09:38:48 -0400
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> Power of position, ego, avoidance of people from other socio-economic
> levels, are but a few causes. I do not advocate micro-management by every
> upper level manager. What I think I am getting at is the need to maintain
> roots, as it were. This is an essential part of politics, too. Perhaps
> it is the best side, the most pluralistic side possible in politics. It
> is another form of voice of the customer, is it not? The upper level
> manager personally (not only through her or his minions) must encounter
> and react directly to those below in the organization.
Managers who use power and politics for personal gain have to rely
on micro-management. That is teh easy way to achieve their personal
objectives. Organizational learning and the learning organization must be
based on a more democratic environment.

> Do any of you think that the lack of this kind of contact (more informal
> than formalized) is a failure of leaders in business? Does the
> spin-doctor in most of us skew reality too much, and provide another
> avoidable reason for occasional bad management decision making?
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Yes! Many managers (I would not call them leaders...), rely too much on
the structure and its processes and not on the interactions and more
personal contacts. The systems they develop, implement and enforce are
design to support the formal aspects rather than informal ones. As time
passes and organizations rely more and more on intellectual capacity to
compete in the world, the more traditional managers' decisions would tend
to look as bad decisions. They were probably good decisions years ago...


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