New Roles For Trng & Dev LO1464
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 00:58:34 -0400

As progressive Fortune 500 companies transition toward the Learning
Organization, Training and Development Staffs are wincing due to job
description uncertainty, lack of essential skills for organizational
support and procurement of a purposeful resource foundation. The 21st
Century Training Professional is now referred to as 'Performance
Technologist' -- what does that really mean?

If anyone has any thoughts or references on present and future internal
training and development strategies that have been used, I would love to
here about them. If there is a job description of a LO Training
Professional available, I would love to see it.

Is the traditional T&D Staff now taking on the role of Internal
Consultant. Is it their mission to decentralize to collect data and serve
as a 'Customization' guru for the organization. It certainly seems that
canned and traditional training can no longer work. It is outdated (in my
opinion) and pigeonholes learning back to the 70's. As we know, Team
Learning advances at different rates throughout the organization and the
Development needs will be very different. Are there packages out there on
disciplines such as: dialogue, mental models, systems thinking, etc., or
is it in fact the Trainer's job to research and build the learning
experience for the specific need. I tend to lean toward the later.

What do you think or what have you already experienced. I am very much a
novice, but certainly long to become a master at the implementation and
sustenance of the Learning Organization Culture in Corporate America.

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