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Charles A. Barclay (
Wed, 31 May 1995 16:24:47 -1000

Replying to LO1457 --

MaryAnn and other LOers, Aloha;

The University of Hawaii, for all its faults, has a better general
approach at making education affordable for all. With a $350 million
budget we educate about 20,000 people at our main Manoa campus and another
28,000 at 2 other campus and 7 community colleges. Our tuition is
extremely affordable at about $800 a semester for in-state residents and
$2200 for out of staters. Still, our community colleges are even cheaper
for the extremely cost conscious. All tuition goes to the states general
fund (not such a good idea).

At those rates its neither an unreasonable burden to work and pay for your
tution and living expenses or to live at home and work to pay your

Nonetheless, we have all the distortions mentioned in teh earlier post on
43 separate programs and some studnets who rely on the excuse "I have to
work, you can't make this class that hard and expect me to succeed...."

It is that type of behavior, as well as the administrative virus of
program proliferation that offends my and your sensibilities. It shoudl
offend everyone's IMO.

The subsidy to the UH that we all pay amounts to about $330 per resident
for a university that educates a great 1/20 of the population every year.
While I'd like to see the tuition higher, I even said so as a graduate
student, I think this is a better approach, make it cheaper for every one
that wants to go and is willing to work to go, rather than subsidizing
special classes of people and making an administrative nightmare.


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