Re: Learning vs. Innovation LO1444

david.r.dobat (
30 May 95 18:39:35

Replying to LO1400 --

Michael McMaster writes

The connection between the two is that innovation will be followed by
learning if the innovation is to "stick" and become useful.

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I was curious about this statement. In your view, does this mean that
learning and innovation are mutually exclusive activities, events,
processes? Can you explain a little bit more about the "connection"
between learning and innovation?

Let me tell you why I ask. In my view, I think that learning is a very
action oriented process. Learning goes beyond the mere accumulation of
knowledge, although this is very important. Learning is about exploring
and testing for new and creative ways to be more effective at what it is
that we choose to do. So, I see learning, action, and innovation as all
very similar activities in that they are part of a process designed to
achieve more effective outcomes.

My company is exploring new opportunities for learning and innovation and
some additional thought around definition may be helpful for me.

Looking forward to any replies.


David R. Dobat