Learning Teams LO1439

Tim Smith (smitht@dgabby.mfldclin.edu)
Tue, 30 May 1995 19:53:30 -0500

My name is Tim Smith, & I've been on the list for about two weeks. Just
received my "pilot's license" to Internet shortly before....

I must add my note of acknowledgement to the list...this is a wonderful
resource vehicle for accessing the knowledge that is within so many people
around the world !!

My inquiry to the field is to begin dialogue on the subject of
establishing & maintaining "learning teams in the workplace". More
specifically, learning teams of managers focused on development of their
leadership skills & talents in two dimensions (based on a 360 degree
feedback process): 1. development in identified areas of need & 2.
optimizing their identified areas of strength (ie - mentoring others,
appropriate deployment in the organization to utilize their strengths,

How to build the foundations & structures for the collaborative learning

My organization is a 500+ bed tertiry care medical center

Thank you for your reflections & suggestions

Tim Smith