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> One of the possible social learnings that might breakthrough this
> area if for those who come for employment to realise that they are
> free and independent agents in a marketplace. And that, like all
> marketplaces, they can enter the marketplace they habitually use or
> other marketplaces at any time.
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This point was also made in a recent documentary shown on Public
Television here in the U.S., titled "The New American Work Force," an
interesting piece that I use in some of my classes. In it they make
reference to the need on the part of employees to think of themselves as
"free agents." They insisted in that people should develop multiple
skills and that they should be flexible. I think that it is an OK
approach, ojne that might benefit employees who also develop good
bargaining skills to get the best "compensation packages." My questions
is, what would be the effect of this "freee agency" approach on
organizational learning and on the learning organization?

My reaction to my own question is not very positive. In a recent
message Charles talked about the linkage between responsibility and
learning. I supported that notion too, but we were mainly talking about
individual learning. I think that for organizational learning to happen,
among other things, there needs to be some degree of collective
responsiblity. It is necessary that all members of the organization see
the need to help develop the organization, because as it develops they do
too. I ssee that the free agency approach might be beneficial to the
learninig of the individual, but might be detrimental to organizational
learning because it may not lead to the sense of collective
responsibility. The free agency approach puts a lot of emphasis on

Any other ideas?


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