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Mon, 29 May 1995 11:08:51 -0700

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Can we begin to talk about results? Can we begin to see which, if any, of
the initiatives, approaches, ideas, philosophies, musings, rumblings,
footnotes, sidenotes encompassed by the postings to this list have made a
difference as far as, e.g., rate of organizational innovation is
concerned? Tom Stewart, in Fortune, has recorded the ways in which
orgnizations like Skandia Assurance or the Canadian Imperial Bank of
Commerce have begun to develop "scorecards" that show how human capital
(the source of organizational learning) becomes structural capital.

Are there other specific links between organizational learning and
competitive advantage or -- what is, after all, the end goal of these
kinds of efforts -- continuous innovation? Is it too early to begin
enumerating such links? My feeling is that, if we do not create or
rapidly add to a database of such links, we'll all wind up talking to each
other in a sort of echo chamber. I'd rather be at the beach.