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Bernard Girard (
Mon, 29 May 1995 11:18:50 +0000

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Charles Barclay wrote :

>No one held my hand through college or grad school, and no one gave me
>money to go. True, subsidies were paid to the grad school in tax dollars
>but I didn't complain that I couldn't get financial aid, and I paid my
>taxes in support. I got a job and paid for my education with the

The problem is : education costs money. Someone has to pay. And it cannot
be the student (you did not pay your education when a kid : your parents
or the state did). It must be his family, the state or the bank, through a
credit. The problem is : which is the best way for society? which is the
cheapest one and the most effective?

- If the family pays, most of us won't get any education : it's just too

- If the bank pays, we start our life with a debt. If you have been
through a good education, it's fine, but if your education was not so
good, if you can't find a job (remember, that happens to others) or if the
job you find is underpaid, then you are like one of these underdeveloped
countries who work to pay their debts and can never get over the poverty
line. (That's why poor countries stay poor : nobody wants to work to pay a

- If the state pays, the burden is on all shoulders and I don't have any
debt. I just have to pay taxes, but only if I earn a living. And the
amount depends on my revenues, not on the debt. That's why it's the best
way, that's why you find the best educated people in the countries where
education is free (that is paid by the state). Just open the eyes, you'll

> If I can do it so can every one else.

All bosses say that. They are always wrong, as we all know.

>Furthermore, why should I pay the taxes for someone elses studnet aid
>while I get none myself nor even get consideration because I worked?

Just because you live in a society where it's good to find educated people
to live with, to work with. Everyone benefits from education of others.
You want an example? I like going to theater. For a theater to stay alive
there must be a lot of educated people who enjoy going to theater as I do.
I need these educated people as they need me. Oh! I forgot. Do you have
children? If you do, someone has to pay for their education. Maybe you're
rich enough to do it, maybe not. Anyway, it's very expensive.

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