Re: Proper Rate of Learning LO1406

Keith Cowan (
Sun, 28 May 1995 09:10:23 +0000 (WET DST)

Replying to LO1383 --

> My conclusion is that businesses will pay for learning when those who
> write the checks are convinced that learning will lead to improvement.
> Our challenge is make the link between learning and improvement more
> visible, or better yet, impossible to ignore.

We recently centralized the training budget and reduced it, but put in an
easy justification process for getting at the money for individuals. The
result has been a higher rate of training because those in need are
getting it and the line managers cannot trade it off against other costs
to make their plan. It is being spent for pure training too. Not for
informal recognition as in "go to San Diego to take a course that's
offered across the street!"...

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