Value of Learning-Org list LO1398
Sat, 27 May 95 12:42:58

Let me add my voice to the chorus of praise for the work of Richard
Karash. I note that the host comments:

"The Learning-org list celebrates it's birthday soon -- We went live on
June 29, one year ago. Thanks to all of you for your contributions to
making Learning-org what it is"

The interactive archive at the Web site begins with February, which may be
when the numbering began. Is there some way to add June - Feb to the
archive? Is there something we users can do to help?

In my opinion, this conversation is too valuable to lose. I signed on in
January, and recently reviewed the handful of things I saved from that
period. Not surprisingly, wonderful stuff!
Host's Note: Thanks Jack. I'll extend the Web archive back as far as it
can go. The URL for the Web version of Learning-org is (Last two characters are "el-oh")

-- Rick Karash,, host for learning-org

Jack Hirschfeld        Can analysis be worthwhile? Is the theatre really dead?