Re: Grooming System Thinkers Summary LO1392
Sat, 27 May 95 11:35:15

Subject: Grooming System Thinkers Summary LO1366

Michael, thanks for the summary. I think many people will find it useful.
Thought I'd fill in a couple of blanks off the top of my head --

Flawless Consulting by Peter Block (this book is at the core of a workshop
in consulting skills offered by Block's company, Designed Learning.
Highly recommended)

The Wisdom of Teams by Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith. Many of
their findings are counter-cultural to teamwork true believers, but a very
worthwhile book which proposes - in my opinion - the best working
definition of a team I have encountered.

Jack Hirschfeld        Can analysis be worthwhile? Is the theatre really dead?