Learning in the Org Environment LO1390

Barry Mallis (barry_mallis@powershare.markem.com)
26 May 1995 19:28:41 -0400

Replying to LO1375 -- [...was Resistance to change...]


Your response to Michael McMaster was enjoyable to read. Toward the end of
your posting, you talk about "implications for personal AND (caps mine)
organizational learning".

These words made me think about the gulf that exists between personal
learning, such as it is, and the learning of organization as a vital,
albeit chameleon-like entity. While progress in thought and action
regarding personal learning is everywhere apparent, many attempts to
transfer personal learning (as in school learning, book learning, class
learning, what-have-you) to the organization environment fall short. I
wonder if it's not because the dynamics of a working group is in many ways
distinct from the dynamics of a relatively traditional academic learning

Is case study work in business school a world apart from case study work
by active factory managers? Does physical and mental proximity to
exchange of capital for goods and services affect the learning model we
have all developed in school, so that the model lacks the desired

Thanks for provoking these questions.


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