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Robert Levi (
Wed, 24 May 95 15:45:05 +0100

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Michael McMaster wrote:
>Given an earlier post suggesting learning was a process of
>integration, then some "soak time" must be a necessary part. As one
>with an athletic background, I'd also include practice time as part
>of "soak time". I mention it because I'm amazed at how little space
>there is for practice when people say they are pursuing mastery. In
>sports or the performing arts, they'd be laughed at. In business,
>it's taken for granted that there is no time for this.
>"But there is no time." they protest, "We're in a competitive
>marketplace that doesn't pay for practice." But the marketplace does
>pay for (effective) practice. It pays more for better that can only
>be produced with practice/learning.

This is a very interesting point. The concept of "learning, and being paid
for it" is almost antithetical to the current work ethic, let alone the
competitive marketplace. The marketplace does pay for "expertise," but
rarely for the learning needed to get there. Learning is something that
one develops on one's own time, and not at the expense of the company's.
Exceptions to this are becoming rarer, I believe. Why is it that business
and the "arts" are so far apart on this? I believe it has to do with the
value businesses place on time and money. They are almost end in "save" time and money. Sounds like poverty consciousness
to me...


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