Re: Proper Rate of Learning LO1360
Wed, 24 May 1995 01:20:11 -0400

Re: "Soak Time" and Michmerhuizen's response to Warfield --

As a former NTr (that's Northern Telecom) my understanding of the term
"soak time" at that time (I left the company in 1987) it referred to the
time that the "switch" was hooked up at the customer site for beta

I know that NT is going through some process re-engineering and a focusing
on some aspects of OD and learning organization theory so maybe they have
extrapolated the term for deeper meaning.

Sometimes information needs to "soak"in before we can act on it with some
degree of confidence.

I didn't read Warfield's message, Jim. Thanks for your comments to his
message. I have recently acquired a great deal of new knowledge that
needs some "soak time."


Joyce D'Ambrosio