Measuring LO's LO1357 and Intro -- Rolf Axmann

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Tue, 23 May 1995 16:20:00 GMT+0200

My name is Rolf Axmann

I am presently completing my final year MBA at Wits Business School
attached to the University of the Witwatersrand, in South Africa.

My interest in learning organisations started when I attended a Systems
Thinking course about 2 years ago. Further reading into the subject - "The
fifth discipline" and the field book as a start got me deeper into the
learning aspect of organisations. I then looked at organisations every
time I visited them for work purposes. These visits would give me an
indication of where they are relative to the current thinking of learning
organisations (LO).

It is no suprise that the subject matter of my final research report is
LO's. My particular focus is how do you measure a LO. I have looked at
Pedler, Ronnie Lessem, and some local research done on an instrument to
measure the learning organisation.

Is there any instrument I could use to determine this state? Also it would
be interesting to compare other research done using the same instrument.

Be hearing from you...

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