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Josie Csete (
Sun, 21 May 1995 08:52:04

Re: my own post -- Seeking Bus Simulations LO1279

Last week I requested assistance in locating computerized business
simulations (original posting follows this message) and promised to
summarize my findings for the list. I'm sorry to report that I received
MANY more personal requests to share what I found out than actual
information. :-(

The request was posted in Edtech {}, Training and
Development List {TRDEV-L@PSUVM.PSU.EDU} and learning-org mailing list

I received three pieces of advice:

1) "FISHBANKS" Get reference from:

2) The Unicorn Training Partnership in the UK produce business
simulations. They are on Tel 44 1494 791064 or fax 44 1494785954.

3) And to look in Senge's books. "The Fifth Discipline" decribes a number
of computerized simulations and includes addresses. Although I haven't
seen it yet - the "Fieldbook" the supposed to contain a chapter on
simulations and include contact names and addresses for computerized

Happy hunting. I'd appreciate any additional comments on business
simulations being sent to me directly at (I'm
receiving hundreds of messages a day from the lists I've subscribed to -
gotta get off of some of them!!!)

Original message:
>My colleague is looking for a new computerized business simulation that is
>suitable for first year business students (university level).

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