Re: Proper Rate of Learning LO1340
Sun, 21 May 1995 21:59:54 -0400

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I also like the phrase "soak time" and also would like to read more ideas
about. Barry Stevens wrote a book 20 years ago entitled, "Don't Push The

Don't organiztions have some sort of built in organic clock that governs its
unfolding in a natural way? How much can we push the process and speed things
up? Do we have to be respectful of the TAO?

It seems to me that cognitive learning and data manipulation is only one
part of learning. At some point experiential learning has to occur. The
information has to be digested, integrated, and brought into application.
This takes time. Can these processes be skipped over? Understanding and
knowing about phenomena is not the same as doing something with that

David Markham