Re: Chris. Neck/Self Leadership LO1336

Kim Allen (
Sun, 21 May 95 13:07:37 -0700

Replying to LO1294 --

Last week Charles discribed Christopher Neck's technique to the list:
> 1. Eliminate negative self talk.
> 2. Replace with positive affirmations (not quite as smarmy
> as the Stuart Smalley affirmations from SNL) from the
> conscious voice.
> 3. Actively pursue items that with successful completionlead
> to more positive thoughts.

I'd like to add to this. There's a simple technique, similiar to this,
that adds the power of the heart. I work for a non-profit, the Institute
of HeartMath, that has researched using the heart to lead the mind. In
Neck's technique, it looks like one uses the mind to quiet the mind. We
suggest that a positive feeling is more powerful than a positive thought!
It's not just theory. We have research to support this. We look at the
quality of the the electrical signal transmitted by the heart when
"feelings" shift. Not only does the quality and amplitude of the signal
change, there are hormonal and immune system changes.

If you're interested in the research, take a look at our Web site:


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