Unwritten Rules - "Hidden Values" LO1333

Sun, 21 May 1995 10:23:16 +0100

Introduction; My name is Roald Nomme. I am a Norwegian working with
performance improvement processes in various organizations. I am
especially interested in aspects around development and deployment of
values. At the moment I am looking for ways of detecting and working with
"unwritten rules" or "hidden values".

I am aware of the Arthur D.Little method of working with "unwritten
rules", but I would appreciate if someone could share knowledge on other
methods and/or research material relevant to the theme.

The Arthur D. Little method, according to publications by Peter
Scott-Morgan,seems to consist of comprehensive interviews followed by
workshops to assess the interview material. It seems to be an effective
method, but the question is if there are other methods that would
represent less demands on extraordinary interviewing skills or are less
resource demanding.

Roald Nomme
Ostadalsveien 56, 0753 Oslo