Re: Incentives LO1323
Sat, 20 May 1995 08:56:33 -0400

Replying to LO1310 --

Mariann said in an earlier post
>>The economic motivation
model has one salient attraction: it can be calculated, and the numbers
provide a (spurious) ground for self-congratulation, that we are being
"hard-headed" (as opposed to fuzzy-headed), and thus "rational."<<

I agree 100%. Therefore it also gives managers an easy way out. They don't
have to deal with other issues.

I work in a nonprofit. We have just developed what we call The HA WAY (The
HA stands for The Health Association which is the name of our agency) We
developed a 6 point list for how we do things at The HA. That is the
values we espouse and try to manifest. Getting the job done is important.
Doing it within budget or even making money is important. But the most
important thing is Did you do it the HA way?...... that is within the
parameters of our values which are respect, effectiveness, valuing
diversity, etc.

Is expecting people to do things with integrity, in a quality way, with
articulated benefit to themselves and the community an incentive? It sure
goes beyond the economic rationality of the bottom line?

Thanks Mariann for you post.

David Markham