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Jim Michmerhuizen (
Fri, 19 May 1995 23:19:24 +0059 (EDT)

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On Fri, 19 May 1995, JOHN N. WARFIELD wrote:
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> Unfortunately, tekkies are constantly trying to "optimize" the rate of
> information flow using technology, which can work heavily against this
> law, and engender many things, including "resistance to change", and more
> violent reactions.

Yeah. In those circumstances, I'd be one of the resisters. Tekkies, by
definition, are the people who optimize data flow and storage capacity,
under the delusion that "data" is "information". So in the end we are
left with terabyte disc drives and vacant minds.

> Meanwhile, the people working at Bell Northern Research have conceived
> the term "soak time" as a critical variable in organizational learning.

How do they use the phrase? Tell us more. (These are the kind of
expressions that seem almost to have a meaning on first hearing. I'll
probably use it tomorrow at work, without knowing what the people at Bell
Northern Research mean by it.)

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