Re: Incentives LO1300

Tom Burke (
Thu, 18 May 95 20:40 PDT

Replying to LO1299 --

>One of the possible social learnings that might breakthrough this
>area if for those who come for employment to realise that they are
>free and independent agents in a marketplace. And that, like all
>marketplaces, they can enter the marketplace they habitually use or
>other marketplaces at any time.

Sir, what do you mean, "they can enter the marketplace they habitually
use...?" Are you suggesting that it is time employees all realize that we
live in a competitive marketplace and that they have these realizations

I am enjoying reading Peter Block's book, STEWARDSHIP. He is developing
the idea that everyone be a supplier to a client. However, in order for
this to be real, all client's have the literal opportunity to accept or
reject the supplier. Here's the rub. An internal client could have the
option to reject the service of the staff employee and outsource the need.
The staff employee could reject acceptance of the job the internal client
had to offer. With true choice, eveyone stands in the marketplace,
everyone is a competitor, not just the salespeople. I have tried to
visualize this. It seems to me a pay-for-performance scheme. If everyone
were true client-servers, if all clients had a choice, there would be a
mind to satisfy the true client's needs. The server would have to care
for their tools-of-their-trade, including current education and training.
In a competitive environment, they would have to care for
enhancing/expanding their personal capabilities while doing to daily work
necessary to care for our daily bread. This still looks like a reward
system which is even more than pay-for-perforance/incentive to do better.
It looks like a system which is do better or die, the survival of the
fittest syndrome of a highly competitive marketplace. (IMHO, this is
reality - sooner or later, it is reality).

Tom Burke Ramona, California