Chris. Neck/Self Leadership LO1294

Charles A. Barclay (
Thu, 18 May 1995 07:12:39 -1000

Has anyone heard of Christopher Neck?

He's come up with a sort of validation of the Tony Robbins/NLP/ rah
rah stuff and it seems well, (I'm eating a bit of crow right now)
rather suitable.

His field is called self or personal leadership. He has worked with
a Professor named Manse who is the orignator of the self-directed
work teams about 15 years ago.

Anyway, Neck's premise is this: In order to achieve personal self
control and leadership one must do and practice the following three

1. Eliminate negative self talk.
2. Replace with positive affirmations (not quite as smarmy
as the Stuart Smalley affirmations from SNL) from the
conscious voice.
3. Actively pursue items that with successful completionlead
to more positive thoughts.

It sounds like sucha simple set of auto-suggestion that it shouldbe
done by everyone, but like meditating to the point of not thinking is
a practiceable skill and obtainalble by everyone.

I'd be interested in hearing other's condemnation or addition to this
area of self mastery. I should mention, that one reason why Neck is
respectable in my view is that not only is he a PhD practicing at a
University, he also seems to be a bit of a guru--he teaches 500
person courses and is credited by them with changing their lives
during the course's 15 weeks.

I find the time frame and education a more substantive claim than a 2-4
day seminar.

Anyway, awaiting the dialogue.

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