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Isn't it the case that every discipline, whether physical or spiritual or
intellectual or whatever, must have "seeds" in ordinary human experience
and activity? The arduousness of the work cannot prohibit us from
identifying those areas of ordinary experience that prefigure the goal.
I am very dubious of arguments that tend to sunder the end from its

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On Mon, 15 May 1995 wrote:

> I've been in the not-doing dialogue from the beginning, so I'll try
> responding to Charles' ideas.
> >Is there any significance that it takes years of practice to achieve
> >the skill of not thinking or not focusing on any thought even for a
> >minute. [...snip by host...]
> I see this comment as addressing an underlying spiritual practice that is
> consistent with not-doing. But is that the domain of this list? My
> intent in this discussion has been to share what little I know about
> not-doing and its value in everyday life, and hopefully learn something,
> too. One thing I've learned is that there are folks out there who have a
> much fuller understanding of this than I do. The point, for me, is not to
> discuss meditative practices ("not-thinking") but to learn in some
> practical ways how to apply the holistic and humble concept of not-doing.

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