Evolution & storytelling LO1242

George Por (gporg@ols.com)
Tue, 16 May 1995 06:44:36 -0700

In LO1001, Ron Mallis wrote:

"In such an effort, each of us adds to the story, resulting in a deeper
collective ability to deal with the discontinuity....Through the
collaborative creation of appropriate stories, we forge a community whose
members are able to give shape to experience, to thrive with change, and,
in the deepest, most innovative sense of the word, to learn."

As I understand, the context of the learning Ron was referring to is the
organizational level of learning. However, I think his insight is equally
valuable and valid to our learning as a species through the unfolding
discontinuity of global evolution.

I'm working on the design of an "Emerging Planetary Reality" Publishing
Web which will contain a collaborative weaving of the stories of the Big
Shift we are going through. I'd like to have a conversation with anybody
seriously interested in exploring the implications of Ron's "communities
of conversations" and related ideas on storytelling, for the story of the
epochal changes we are in the midst of at the global level.

I don't want to cause a topic drift from the focus of this list which is
*organizational* learning, so please respond by e-mail.

George Por
Organizational Learning Systems

"Electronic media is to be one of love's most powerful and effective tools
of transformation during the last days, facilitating education and
catalyzing widespread awakening." Starseed: The 3rd Millennium by Ken