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Steve Presley writes :

><I've recently been exposed to the "beer game". Have you ever
><played it? It's a game used to teach some basic systems
><principles. One of the primary lessons it teaches is that the
><system influences behavior. Thousands of people have played this
><game and the results are pretty much the same. How many times
><have we (the <public) replaced congressional members with new
><members who want to change the system for the good only to find
><the same type of shady behavior several years down the road?, The
><system influences behavior. I don't think the systemic structure can
><be ignored.

What is this beer game; How do we play it?

Bernard Girard (Bernard Girard)
Host's Note:

The Beer Game was created at MIT Sloan School a long, long time ago (in
the 60's). It is described in detail in Chapter 3 of The Fifth Discipline.

Simple instructions for the game are available from the System Dynamics
Group, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA 02139. Or you might
email Prof. John Sterman

name: Sterman, John
phone: (617) 253-1951
address: E53-351
department: School Of Mgmt
title: Prof Of Management Science, Dir Of Sys Dynamics

My company, Innovation Associates, provides complete materials, instructor
certification training, etc. Inquiries to Innovation Associates, Attn:
Beer Game Manager, 3 Speen Street, Framingham MA 01701, 508-879-8301 and
fax to 508-626-2205. Email

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