Re: Resistance to Change LO1232

Wynn, Eleanor,VCA (WYNN@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
16 May 95 04:58 GMT

Barry Mallis' reply to something I wrote:
--I sense considerable anger in your words about the soldiers at
Alamagordo and the unsuspecting farmers who handle technologically
"advanced" chemicals designed for mechanical delivery.--

Well I could have been angry over those things, but I was not. My point is
that I just don't believe "resistance to change" is demonstrated by those
cases. In other words, people are not so resistant even when they should
be, especially when they have no precedent for the novelty. Sorry if I
wasn't clear about that.

--Yes, as you say there is probably a sense to the fact that the greater
mass of people are slower to adapt, and hence the sense of resistance to
change. How come the masses are that way?--

Because it is practical for them to be that way, overall, in the long


Eleanor Wynn
Transparent Practices, Inc.
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