Re: Resistance to Change LO1216

Barry Mallis (
15 May 1995 14:23:26 -0400

Replying to LO1163 --

To Peter van Stackelberg, regarding genetic algorithms and mapping

Thanks for your response, Peter, I see your distinction.

In the last few days I have been considering a kind of credence factor
i.e. receptivity in/of listeners when information is
delivered/broadcast/storytold. I haven't studied this much, although I am
certain much thought has gone into the topic already.

I recently overheard a conversation between three people. One was
explaining details of a foreign place which the other two had never
visited. I noticed how the listeners were rapt; how the storyteller
became an expert in their eyes, and even shaped his words in tone and
composition into what I will call expert's delivery. It's that sense of
"I KNOW something about this". And all the while I thought that the
speaker might have known only part of a much broader picture. Much was
certain to be left out, including no doubt important or critical features
which could benefit the listeners. It's as though the suspension of
disbelief is as integral a part of story telling as the story itself.

Will suspension is well known in theater and story telling, how much is
there in the organizational environment where a learning organization must
perforce rely for efficacy not only on data, but also on intangible human

Barry Mallis