Re: Use of Learning-org msgs LO1214

David E. Birren, MB/5, 608.267.2442 (
Mon, 15 May 1995 08:54 CST

Replying to Tammy Dewar's message, "Use of Learning-org msgs LO1170":

Tammy asked about the protocol for quoting from messages in this list.

Our host replied:

>Welcome Tammy! The policy on this list is "You own your own words." In
>info message about the list and in the archives is a copyright notice
>"All msgs copyright (c) (their author) unless otherwise noted."

My view on this is that we are learning from each other - or, to modify a
metaphor mentioned recently by Doug Seeley, we are all reflections of each
other. I learn from you and, I hope, you learn from me. Once I've sent
my ideas out to you I no longer own them; they inform our common and
individual lives, but there is no ownership. Whatever the conclusion on
this issue, I'll state up front that I don't want any copy rights attached
to the things I put out on this list, and I don't care if my name is used
or not. For me, what's important is growth; legalisms will only get in
the way.

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p.s. to Tammy: You added a quote from John Holtz ("The true test of
character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we
don't know what to do.") That's a beaut; do you have a more complete
reference for it?