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Replying to LO1205 --

I am fairly confident I have seen a Vision Book Summary for the
Fifth Discipline. We subscribe to Vision Book Summaries but I have
just looked through our file and can not see it. I will check in the
city library tomorrow. If you are interested in more details on
Vision Book Summaries please give me a call on (03) 9285 1952

Suzanne Bunker
Library Manager
Australian Taxation Office
Box Hill and Casselden Place

Level 37, 2 Lonsdale street
Melbourne , Victoria

Graham Johnson wrote in LO1205 "Re: learning-org-digest V1 #78":

>Does anybody know of a good introductory video to "the learning
>organisation" or " The Fifth Discipline".

>Getting people, particularly senior people interested isn't easily
>achieved (at least in the first instance) by asking them to read a book.

Host's Note:
1) I've changed to subject line -- Sorry I didn't catch it on Graham's
original message.

2) We often distribute the Executive Book Summary of The Fifth Discipline
by Soundview (1-800-521-1227, outside the USA phone 802-453-4062 or fax
802-453-5062). This is eight pages. It may be the same summary mentioned
by Suzanne above.

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