Conf "Soul in Biz" 9/95 Boise LO1198

Alex N. Pattakos, Ph.D. (patakos@PrimeNet.Com)
Sat, 13 May 1995 15:44:15 -0700

13th International Conference, Renaissance Business Associates

"Rediscovering the Soul in Business: Managing for Profit and the Human

Dates: September 21-24, 1995
Location: Boise, Idaho
Featuring: Joan Borysenko, Tom Chappell, Peter Vaill, Arthur Hull, with a
Post-Conference Whitewater Rafting Adventure with David Whyte
Over twenty program sessions focused on organizational, community/global,
and personal transformation (facilitators include: Cynthia Barnum and Ivan
Blanco (Redefining Global Competitiveness); Stanley Deetz (Transforming
Communication, Transforming Business); Joel Edelman (Tao of Negotiation);
Glenna Gerard (Dialogic Communication); Michael Goodman (Systems Thinking
and Soulful Business); Philip Kratzer (Internet Marketing Partners); John
Renesch (Where is Spartacus When You Need Him?); Marcus Robinson (Corporate
Profitability and Social Transformation); Joyce Wycoff (Transformation
Thinking); and more.

RBA is an international association of people committed to demonstrating
the power & effectiveness of integrity in their lives through elevating
the human spirit at work.

For further information about the conference, please send e-mail to Alex N.
Pattakos at, or telephone (208) 345-4648.